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ORBIS enterprise database

Source to determine health and compare data on private companies

  • ORBIS enterprise database

Use Orbis to find, analyze and compare companies for better decision making and increased efficiency.


Orbis database - a source of information on entities.

It has information on close to 450 million companies and entities across the globe – 41 million of these have detailed financial information.

It’s the most powerful comparable data resource on private companies – and it covers listed companies too.


It’s strengths include:

comparable information

extensive corporate ownership structures

a holistic view of companies


We go further than just providing information, we carefully capture a wide variety of data, then we treat, append and standardize it to make it richer, more powerful and easier to interrogate. In fact, we capture and treat data from more than 170 separate providers, and hundreds of our own sources, to create Orbis.

How does Orbis help you?

Use Orbis to get quick answers, verify companies or for detailed research and third-party screening.

Orbis is the ideal tool to verify a company exists and to source company reports – you’re much more likely to find a company report on Orbis than on any other company database. Orbis can provide you with comprehensive company reports, financial strength indicators and ownership information to help you research a company and assess risk associated with it.

You can choose from hundreds of search criteria and combine them to create very specific searches in Orbis.
With Orbis’s standardized formats, you can search for information on companies across regions and countries – using the same criteria. Orbis lets you use a single activity code when you search globally, because we’ve mapped international and local industry codes.

Orbis gives you tools to analyse groups of companies so finding peer groups and comparing companies against each other is quick and easy.
Our standardised formats allow you to search and compare company information across regions and borders.

Get graphs, dynamic company structures, pivot analyses and other types of visualization tools and analyses so you can understand your results in seconds.

Orbis has a contemporary interface that’s very clean and easy to use. But look closer and you’ll find hundreds of options that allow you to get really clever with data: customize alerts, do time-series searching, drill down into the financials to see how they’re calculated, create your own variables and classifications, add in your forecast data, use our Add-In for MS Office, it’s all possible using the standard menus.

There are lots of ways you can start blending Orbis data with your own. Whether it’s simply downloading data into Excel or uploading your own data into Orbis, you can easily combine data. We can also help you use our APIs to enrich your own systems with Orbis data, and we can help with extensive master data management projects to help you combine siloed data and get a single customer view.

What you can do using Orbis

Our globally comparable financial strength metrics and standardized financials help you assess customers, partners or suppliers quickly and easily. Our corporate structures help you assess financial stability across the group.

Our extensive corporate structures and beneficial ownership data combined with information on PEPs, sanctions and adverse news help you assess third parties more thoroughly than any other source.

Find new suppliers and assess existing suppliers for both financial and reputation risk using our financial risk metrics and extensive ownership structures.


You can use Pathfinder, powered by Orbis, to carry out quick conflict checking and onboarding. It can reveal links between companies and groups, or with blacklists you’re monitoring, giving you the bigger picture.

Find comparable companies and create a financial analysis of your peer group for tax compliance.

Analyse new markets and regions and create business plans using facts. And you can use Orbis to enrich and refresh your CRM for more efficient sales and marketing teams.

Find targets/sellers using very precise searches, analyze peer groups and use our M&A data to help with your valuations.

Access our reference data for your data management projects. And Orbis can help you with matching/de-duping and data enhancing services, creating links between datasets across your organization and creating single views from data silos.

Orbis data highlights

•    Unique identifiers
•    LEI and other official company numbers
•    Industry codes
•    Trade descriptions
•    Detailed company descriptions
•    Standardized financials
•    Projected financials
•    Financial strength metrics
•    Agency ratings
•    Original documents
•    Document ordering

•    PEPs and sanctions
•    Adverse news screening
•    Beneficial owners
•    Global and domestic ultimate owners
•    Corporate structures
•    Sanctioned by extension entities
•    ESG research
•    News, including negative news filter
•    Directors and managers

•  M&A deals and rumoursPatents and intellectual property
•    Royalty agreements
•    Industry research
•    Advisors
•    Marine vessels
•    Public tender associations
•    Public interest entities (PIEs)
•    AML documentation
•    Stock data and earnings estimates
•    Corporate actions

orbis coverage map

Compare companies worldwide

Our comparable, detailed, financial reports offer the perfect tools to search for companies, and then compare them, across borders, sectors and between peers.

A standard financial report includes 26 balance sheet items, 26 P&L account items and 33 ratios. Listed companies are in a more detailed format.

We add value to company data

To make sure that Orbis’s data is as comprehensive, wide-ranging and detailed as possible, we collect data from more than 170 providers, as well as hundreds of our own sources, around the world. And, after carefully capturing this wide variety of information, we treat, append and standardize it to make it richer, more powerful and easier for you to interrogate.

  • Linking data sources;

  • Unification of financial data;

  • References to activity codes;

  • Use of standardized classifications, terms and names;

  • Offering comparable, reactive indicators of financial health;

  • Use of quality control and data management

financial strength metrics

Take advantage of our financial strength metrics

Use Orbis’s financial models, which have been designed by experts to work with our standardized company reports, to gain transparent, independent views and predictive indicators of a company’s financial strength. With these financial strength metrics, you’ll have the ability to assess companies more quickly and with a greater degree of certainty. They’ll also help you benchmark your own models.

Market reactive MORE score

A new market reactive score provides a score that’s sensitive to the company’s sector, location and market conditions.

Who's the owner?

We are masters of corporate ownership and the go-to resource for beneficial ownership. Our data shows you 1.2bn ownership links, 1.05bn historic ownership links, and 184m active ownership links.

Our corporate trees reveal the ownership of your potential and existing business partners and third-party associates, including the beneficial owners, so you can review their corporate group as a whole and check it for adverse news as well as PEPs and sanctions.

Sanctions Screening

Identifying companies that are sanctioned is one challenge. But how do you identify companies who are sanctioned because they are remotely linked to sanctioned companies or individuals?

We call these companies "sanctioned by extension". They’re not on any sanctions list, but you could still be fined for trading with them. It’s a big challenge. So how do you identify them, how do you continue to monitor the situation, and how do you avoid breaching regulations?

sanctions video diagram

Conflict checking and onboarding

Pathfinder, powered by Orbis, helps you carry out quick conflict checking and onboarding. It can reveal links between companies and groups, or with blacklists you’re monitoring, giving you the bigger picture.

New self-serve e-learning platform

Our new e-learning platform simplifies your online user experience by taking you step-by-step through tasks. You can access support via updated user guides, video tutorials and walk-throughs.

sef serve elearning platform

Orbis is available via a range of channels

Można wykorzystać bazę danych Orbis jako platformę internetową lub źródło informacji dla jednego ze specjalistycznych produktów Catalyst. Masz możliwość połączenia danych z bazy Orbis z własnymi danymi przy użyciu szeregu interfejsów API lub niestandardowej dostawy.

rangę of channels