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Fraud detection
and security

  • Fraud detection and security

Prevent fraud while meeting regulatory requirements

Build the best defence in a landscape of increased risk. Secure your payment processes

Payments infrastructures are more robust than ever but criminals continue to find new ways to exploit process weaknesses. It pays to review the level of security and control across the whole payments lifecycle and strengthen the areas where you have potential risks.

Bottomline's fraud and financial crime management solutions offer unparalleled protection.

Secure payments - detect and prevent fraud with advanced analytics across applications, channels and payment types with a powerful rules engine.

Compliance - rapid deployment to meet regulations with the highest level of protection and detection accuracy.

Insider and employee fraud - identify insider threats by comparing past behaviours across peer groups and receive alerts, in real-time

Stay competitive whilst protecting against emerging threats.

Secure your payments. Protect payments across applications, channels and payment types.
Stay compliant. Accelerate the speed to achieve regulatory compliance requirements while decreasing complexity.
Detect suspicious behaviour. Identify abnormal user behaviour with statistical profiling and predictive risk scoring.

Explore Bottomline's fraud and financial crime management solutions for enterprises.

Protect payments across a variety of applications, channels and payment types

Ensure regulatory compliance and reduce the level of complexity and reduce unnecessary human intervention.

Rapid anomaly detection and access to pinpoint high-risk workers on all major systems.

Automate and streamline the process of managing and creating and investigating alerts and incidents of corporate fraud, money laundering and security breaches - including generating suspicious activity reports (SARs) and sending them electronically.

CFRM system Bottomline


We provide connectivity, payments and cash management and data transformation software.

Broad capabilities through one single, flexible platform.

Flexible, agile and customisable reporting.

True SaaS solution with multitenancy.

Short implementation time.

OFAC sanctions filtering support.