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  • Compliance Catalyst


Compliance Catalyst offers flexible due diligence screening – both automated and enhanced. It’s a game changer, because nothing else combines data, technology and people power in a single platform.



Compliance Catalyst

It streamlines your know your customer (KYC).

Anti-bribery and corruption (ABAC) research.

Improves anti money laundering processes.

Makes your client onboarding and customer due diligence more efficient.

It runs entities and individuals through a series of checks that you can audit and automate to help you identify risk quickly. Get started straightaway with our out-of-the-box models, or configure models to suit your risk profiles and appetite.

Compliance Catalyst is powered by the Orbis entity database. It also includes curated risk data from Grid, a risk database of adverse media, sanctions, watchlists and PEPs.

Alongside this you can combine your own data, and data from your customers, into your analyses. For more complex entities you can push research directly to an integrated and enhanced due diligence service.

Your data, the best entity data powered by Orbis, and smarter due diligence screening powered by Grid. 


Grid – the comprehensive data behind smarter screening

Grid is a risk database of adverse media, sanctions, watchlists and PEPs. This comprehensive curation of risk information, and risk events, delivers relevant data in structured and detailed reports. 

Grid’s combination of data and categorization means you can filter content by risk type, risk stage and risk age, based on relevance and your own preferences.  

Grid contains over 3 billion media articles that are highly categorized by more than 50 risk codes and 30 risk stages. 

Compliance Catalyst is an integrated solution. It brings together in one place your own data, the best entity data pulled from the Orbis database, and smarter due diligence based on Grid platform data. Your data can include feeds delivered via Grid services, as well as integration of automated e-forms and questionnaires for self-entry from customers and deployed entities. In addition, you can take advantage of integrated enhanced due diligence that complements Compliance Catalyst's risk reporting service.

You get instant analysis for politically exposed persons, sanctions and other watch lists, and negative media coverage based on Grid platform data, as well as a concise preview of compliance data - all visible to you even before you start your risk assessment.

We offer a wide range of pre-built models to get you started right away, as well as the ability to configure your own models tailored to your own risk profiles. The models are easy to use and delivered as part of a self-service concept, which means you can manage Compliance Catalyst mechanism customization, workflow and data transfer yourself without outsourcing these tasks to us or other companies.

New Compliance Catalyst has significantly enhanced alerts that are easier to dismiss in bulk, can be adapted for sensitivity and use machine learning to contextualize adverse news to help minimize false positive alerts.

Dashboards provide a clear view of the entire portfolio and views of in-progress study management, as well as resolved and unresolved alerts.

Build your own Compliance Catalyst

Create your own workflows – choose your own modules – develop your own automation

Create your own workflow, triggers and dataset combinations and choose from a wide range of modules. Your Compliance Catalyst can be as simple or as sophisticated as you like, and suitable for your internal user base from pre-sales look ups to detailed and enhanced due diligence.

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The modules

Optimize Compliance Catalyst for your organization, audience and risk profiles.

Confirm your entity against the huge Orbis universe of entity data, including companies (private and listed), banks and financial institutions, sole proprietorships, insurance companies, non-bank financial institutions, marine vessels, and individuals. Orbis only has official entity names (with their unique identifier numbers) and searching is simple and fast. So, once you’ve matched your subject entity to the correct record in Orbis, you can be confident your ongoing analysis is based on the appropriate legal entity and its associated data. And this works for your self-serve batch uploads too.

See filtered, relevant news relating to your subject company, individuals and your portfolio, plus curated adverse media risk data from Grid. Recent innovations mean the adverse media tool is powered by machine learning resulting in more accurate identification of a genuine negative sentiment, reducing false positives and erroneous stories.

If your screening suggests you need to take a closer look at higher risk entities or individuals, you can use the workflow to send it straight to your own analysts or our enhanced due diligence (EDD) service.

This automates the appearance of data from your own systems into Compliance Catalyst via an API for smooth integration with your internal systems.

According to OFAC’s 50% rule, companies who may not be sanctioned in their own right can still be subject to sanctions due to their connection to sanctioned corporations or individuals. Our ownership data and tools can help you identify the entities who are “sanctioned by extension”.

The Power Score looks deeper than just volume of ownership. It helps you locate and identify powerful shareholders who are easily overlooked because they’re not legal and/or beneficial owners.

This dynamic data visualization tool gives you navigable bottom-up and top-down views of complex ownerships structures. It has filters and colour coding to make corporate structures come alive for easy analysis.

Pathfinder, powered by Orbis, helps you carry out quick conflict checking and onboarding. It can reveal links between companies and groups, or with blacklists you’re monitoring, giving you the bigger picture.

Orbis: powering Compliance Catalyst

Orbis database

Orbis offers the most extensive company information and corporate structures, combined with adverse data, to deliver new levels of certainty on your third parties. And you can create flexible alerts on these datasets to continue to monitor for risk and change.

These include the BvD ID numbers, local ID numbers, plus other recognized systems including LEIs and GIINs.

Our carefully sourced, treated and structured ownership data helps you learn more about the ownership structures of individual companies, as well as their corporate group. Where possible, information is date-stamped and the source indicated. You can see changes over time and archived ownership. You can also define beneficial ownership to be consistent with your internal or local regulatory requirements.

Orbis offers an extensive database of relevant people within or connected to companies, including: directors, advisors, auditors, board members and senior managers. We show their current and previous positions as well as their connections to other individuals in Orbis.

Orbis’s standardized financials and financial models, show you financial viability and predictive indicators of a company’s financial strength.

Orbis includes a huge range of news sources and algorithms to show stories with a negative sentiment. This is now powered by Moody’s Analytics Accelerator’s ML Fabric to harness the power of artificial intelligence to deliver the most relevant news stories and to reduce incidences of false positive news – across multiple languages.

We flag individuals and companies that are matched against PEPs and sanctions lists and provide the details to help you to verify them. And we make it easy for you to screen our entire corporate groups for matches to PEPs and sanction data and other watchlists.

Grid is a comprehensive curation of adverse media, PEPs, monitored watch lists, sanctions and screening. Grid has detailed categories including terrorism, human trafficking, organized crime, cyber crime and environmental crime. These categories align to the AML 6 Predicate Offences and FATF Designated Category of Offences.
It contains over 3 billion media articles that are highly categorized by more than 50 risk codes and 30 risk stages. It powers smarter screening in Compliance Catalyst and delivers more accurate and relevant results.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk data and metrics, to assess the reputational risk associated with companies to help decide whether to work with them.

Track whether specific vessels appear on sanctions lists and how they are linked to entities.