AML | Fraud

Verify complance of your aml system
with current regulations and KNF or GIIF regulations.


    We help financial institutions and individuals responsible for the AML processes to verify if they are properly protected against the imposition of high penalties.

    Aml / FRAUD


    Solutions for customers and beneficial ovners verification.
    KYC / CDD, PEP, sanctions

    due diligence analysis

    Compliance Catalyst

    The data-driven decision engine and risk management platform.

    companies data

    Orbis database

    Search, comparison and analysis of companies.

    Anti-money laundering solutions and services.

    Cyber Fraud Risk Management

    AML and anti-fraud solution

    Anti-money laundering and protection against fraud and crime in organizations

    Audit and trainings

    Consulting and implementation 

    Audit and training on Risk assessment and anti-money laundering process.